“Dr. Hill’s address to the Ursinus community was our most successful and informative event of the year. The relevance of his subject drove the highest turnout of any evening lecture that year and the buzz afterwards, in classes and in hallways, was substantial and sustained.”

Professor Robert Dawley
Ursinus College

“We find that many of our residents have outdated thoughts about marijuana, so we invited Dr. Hill to present to parents and students. He gave a very comprehensive presentation. We appreciate that he shared up-to-date research, and his personal experience treating young people and working with sports teams made a big impact. Dr. Hill is an engaging and thoroughly knowledgeable presenter. We are grateful for his work on this important issue.”

Margaret Carels, M.S.
The Milton Coalition

“I have seen Dr. Kevin Hill lecture twice, once in Grand Rounds and once as part of a Harvard-sponsored Continuing Medical Education program. In both talks, he focused on diagnosis and treatment of drug and alcohol abuse. Both lectures were superb. They were clear, comprehensive, and beautifully presented. His knowledge of psychiatrists’ roles in diagnosis and treatment of substance abuse is impressive, and his ability to communicate was outstanding. I enjoyed learning from these talks.”

Carl Salzman, M.D.
Professor of Psychiatry, Harvard Medical School

“Dr. Kevin Hill has graciously shared his expertise for three different CME events in Missouri over the last few months for different audiences. I was involved in the CME peer reviews, and directly observed his Grand Rounds for Our Psychiatry Department. In each case, the presentation was adapted to fit the background and experience of the target audiences. Most impressive was his small group discussion after Grand Rounds with Advanced Psychiatry Residents. He handled their questions (and mine) with aplomb, and never reached for conclusions that were not supported by evidence. His honest, engaging presentation style allows him to have maximal educational impact without appearing to promote a specific agenda.”

Timothy Dellenbaugh, M.D.
Medical Director, Center for Behavioral Medicine,
Associate Professor of Psychiatry, University of Missouri-Kansas City