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Because of his expertise in cannabis science, policy, and treatment, Dr. Kevin Hill is regularly interviewed by the media. Below, you’ll find links to articles as well as radio and TV segments.

If you’re a member of the media who is interested in interviewing a cannabis expert, please reach out to Dr. Hill directly via phone or email.

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Cannabis-Related Emergency Room Visits Rose Among Young During Pandemic Study Finds

July 26, 2023/by [email protected]

The Health Effects of Marijuana

June 18, 2023/by [email protected]

Kim Kardashian Uses CBD to Help Her Fall Asleep, Says She Wouldn’t Take ‘Xanax or Ambien Again’

September 13, 2019/by [email protected]

Is Pot Any Good for Treating Pain?

June 1, 2019/by [email protected]

Does CBD Oil Really Work? A Doctor Weighs In

March 19, 2019/by [email protected]

The Hype – And The Many Unknowns – Around CBD

February 26, 2019/by [email protected]

The Exit Drug: Can cannabis help solve the opioid crisis?

May 23, 2018/by [email protected]

Balance on cannabis may lead to answers on opioids

March 1, 2018/by [email protected]

How Federal Marijuana Policy Will Impact Scientific Research

January 10, 2018/by [email protected]

Dr Kevin Hill: Policy Is Ahead of Science on Medical Cannabis

September 18, 2017/by [email protected]

Kevin Hill, MD: 3 Key Conditions That Could be Treated with Cannabis

September 17, 2017/by [email protected]

Kevin Hill, MD: New Opportunities Created by Changing Cannabis Policies

September 17, 2017/by [email protected]

Pot-laced lotions promise pain relief without the ‘high’

May 18, 2017/by [email protected]

As More States Consider Legalizing, Questions About Pot And The Brain

September 13, 2016/by [email protected]

How much marijuana is too much for drivers?

May 24, 2016/by [email protected]

Heavy teen marijuana use may cut life short by 60

April 25, 2016/by [email protected]

Massachusetts should develop sound marijuana policy

April 14, 2016/by [email protected]

Teens and Marijuana Addiction

January 14, 2016/by [email protected]

reddit: Science “Ask Me Anything” Series

October 15, 2015/by [email protected]

Two Major Drug Debates

August 10, 2015/by [email protected]

These Numbers Could Save Your Life

August 1, 2015/by [email protected]

Evidence of Marijuana’s Medical Usefulness Mounts

July 8, 2015/by [email protected]

Legalized Medical Marijuana Doesn’t Increase Teen Usage, Study Finds

June 15, 2015/by [email protected]

Medical Use of Marijuana Doesn’t Increase Youths’ Use, Study Finds

June 15, 2015/by [email protected]

Promise and Perils of the Teenage Brain

June 3, 2015/by [email protected]

Unbiased Truth About Marijuana

June 1, 2015/by [email protected]

Journey for Truth: Marijuana

May 20, 2015/by [email protected]

Good Marijuana?

April 22, 2015/by [email protected]

What Hurdles Are Left for Legalized Marijuana?

April 20, 2015/by [email protected]

Three Big Reasons Marijuana Is Misunderstood

April 12, 2015/by [email protected]

A Look at the World’s Most Popular Weed

April 3, 2015/by [email protected]

Marijuana, The Unbiased Truth

April 2, 2015/by [email protected]

McLean Fights Opiates with Drugs

March 26, 2015/by [email protected]

Should Pot Be Legal? Debate Continues in Massachusetts

March 23, 2015/by [email protected]

Medication an Effective Tool in Fighting Addiction

April 22, 2014/by [email protected]